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With over 25 years of experience in specializing in Toyota, Lexus, Land Cruisers, Honda full service and preventative auto repair.

Mostly Automotive Repair specializes in Asian vehicle services. We provide value in our services in several ways. We work diligently around the clock to meet your and your vehicle’s needs. Our work is honest because our integrity is parallel with our work. We are fair because we give every customer the same price. Convenience is key while making it a point to provide the best work possible. Our work comes with excellent customer service so you will know what is occurring. We must provide the best work, so you do not have to worry about your vehicle’s health. Listed below are all of the Asian vehicles that we service and repair:

Lexus car repair


Acura is known to produce great value in their vehicles by meeting a high standard of reliability while staying economical. Acura, the luxury brand of Honda, stresses the importance of producing a vehicle that can last for decades without any substantial problems. Although it depends on how well the Acura has been maintained, they can stay on the road while providing a wide range of features. Acura can also be economical because of its efficient engines and technology that produces substantial value. Entry-level luxury comes into play because the features that are in Acuras are typically not standard with Hondas.


Honda is a well-renowned brand that specializes in reliability and safety. Reliability is a factor when buying a Honda. When someone buys a Honda, the first reason is because of their dependability to stay on the road. Safety is also high since each vehicle is meant to keep everyone in their vehicles safe. Also, their engines are highly regarded because of the technology that is packed into each one of their vehicles. They combine simplicity and advanced engineering to yield a superior product for a fraction of the cost of the competition.


Ever since its inception in 1947, Hyundai is known for its innovation. The design, structure, and layout of their vehicles are different than the rest of the major Japanese auto manufacturers because they design their products with unique capabilities not seen anywhere else. The South Korean automaker strives on continuing its excellence by competing for space in the entry-level market. They are reliable, stylish, and somewhat luxurious for a fraction of the cost of other automakers.


Infiniti, the subsidiary of Nissan, strives to perfect its products in the luxury-performance markets. They are equipped with awesome features that differentiate them from the rest of the competition. The Infiniti brand strives for luxury because of all of the features that they offer inside their vehicles for less than what most German auto companies offer. They compete side-by-side while matching (and sometimes surpassing) their performance. Each Infiniti is a pleasure to drive, and the overall reliability is outstanding, making it a pleasure to own.


Kia is known for the affordable vehicles that save the customers in more than one way. The fuel-efficient vehicles as of late provide great value to their customers while being practical and safe for every type of driver. The South Korean company, a subsidiary of Hyundai, also packs in great style and engineering. Overall, Kias are meant for compact and efficient markets.


Lexus, the luxury brand of Toyota, provides exceptional value to its drivers while packing in some of the best technology for overall comfort and luxury. The company competes with luxury brands around the world and is usually the best value because of its reliability and long-term value. Lexus is regarded highly as one of the world’s top vehicle producers because of all the markets it appeases. Overall, if you are in any car market, you cannot go wrong with a Lexus.


Mazda is known for the unique nature that they bring to plenty of markets. Their styling is unmatched because of their distinctive characteristics. Once owned by Ford, Mazdas are extremely reliable while not following the typical “industry standard”. They also produce an enjoyable-driving vehicle while offering a variety of features that appeal to several customer segments. Ever since the end of their rotary engine lineup, Mazda is arguably one of the best manufacturers on the planet.


Mitsubishi, the vehicles that are equipped with speed for a fraction of the price of other automakers, also boasts about their economical nature. Mitsubishi offers a wide range of vehicles that can meet your everyday driving needs. The brand is affordable while its performance is highly overlooked. The budget-friendliness appeal to customers is also a positive because it offers what a lot of customers need. Overall, Mitsubishi’s power-to-price ratio is unparalleled with the rest of the world’s vehicles.


Nissan manufactures their vehicles with the early-adapters in mind. The company focuses on cutting edge technology, superior Japanese performance, and great value for the money. Although they are reliable, they focus on offering the most for the money in several classes that range from entry-level to luxury. The designs are nothing to look past, especially since the vehicle is amazing in both initial quality and long-term value.


Scion, the millennial-targeted brand of Toyota, boasts about its reliability at a fraction of the price than most of the other car companies on this list. Scion makes it apparent to produce entry-level vehicles that withstand time while meeting a certain budget. Although their vehicles are typically not meant for speed, they are the most economical brand that provides superior reliability. There isn’t a better car brand to get you from one point to another than Scion.


Subaru’s mission is simple; produce the safest cars with a unique twist. They are known for their all-wheel-drive platforms that handle any given environment better than most of the competition. The brand explored different options to appeal to the same markets while adjusting its route to tap into the sports car markets. They produce performance with a different driving system while keeping you safe on the road.


Toyota is the number one auto manufacturer on the road today because of its reliability. They provide a good amount of performance while keeping you safe, but the real focus is the time that their vehicles (and subdivision vehicles) can stay on the road. Toyota appeals to almost every market, and they offer superior value for a great deal. Throughout history, Toyota has paved the way for the Asian automobile market.

With all of these vehicles, it is essential to receive the maintenance and repairs on time because this will boost the life of the vehicle. The more you put into your vehicle’s health, the more you will get out of the vehicle. Regardless of your vehicle’s company, we can fix the issue with nearly anything produced in Asia. Mostly Automotive Repair provides General Maintenance services for vehicles and commercial fleets in the Asheville, NC 28801 area. For the trust, excellence, and great value in automotive repairs in Asheville, you can count on Mostly Automotive. To learn more about the types of vehicles we fix and maintain, or to schedule an appointment, Mostly Automotive can be reached at 828-253-4981.

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