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Transmission Repair Services

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The transmission is a complex part of the vehicle that requires dedicated work. Although we do not remove nor replace transmissions, we can provide as much service as we feel comfortable giving to you. From automatic transmissions that switch gears on their own to manual vehicles that need a clutch engaged, we provide services that can help your situation. Our transmission services include the following types of transmissions:

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmission is found in most vehicles in the 21st century. It is when the vehicle’s gears are shifted by themselves. The gears are synchronized with the engine to produce great fuel economy. This is one less thing to worry about while driving. The automatic transmission comes in many variations; but, it still follows the same principles- shifting automatically. There is peace of mind when driving your vehicle with an automatic transmission.

Manual Transmissions

Manual transmissions are for enthusiasts. When someone wants to have more control of their vehicle, they will choose to drive a manual car. This allows the driver to select the gears that they drive in, control the RPMs of the vehicle, control the traction, control the stop/start of the vehicle, and even increase gas mileage. Although manual transmission is not being manufactured in as many modern-day vehicles, it is still a novelty because of the extra control of the vehicle. Manual transmissions work a little differently than automatic transmissions, so it is best to learn on an open road.

Front-Wheel Drive Transmissions

A front-wheel-drive is a drivetrain setup that takes the power from the engine and applies it to the wheels in the front of the vehicle. Manufacturers choose this layout because of its low-cost of production and its ease of control compared to rear-wheel-drive vehicles. Although they control the road better, it is essential to know that when they are dealt with problems, they typically break down because of excess power to the front (steering) wheels. At the end of the day, the drivetrain layouts balance out.

Four-Wheel Drive Transmissions

The four-wheel-drive layout is when all four wheels are passively applying power. This is a little different than all-wheel-drive because the wheels are spinning at a constant rate. With all-wheel drive, it is important to know that the vehicles apply the power in accordance to the way they sense the power is being used. For example, if there is less power being applied to one wheel, the system allows for the other wheels to compensate for that power- resulting in the power being evenly distributed. This results in better handling characteristics; however, the system is not as good in towing as a traditional four-wheel-drive vehicle. It all comes down to your needs in a vehicle.


We also provide plenty of work specified to clutches. In an automatic and a manual vehicle, the clutch engages the next gear of choice. The clutch is a needed component in any vehicle. It differentiates a manual transmission and an automatic transmission, by the way, it’s used. Although both vehicles have them, the manual transmission requires the driver to engage it while an automatic transmission does the clutch work for you. That’s where we come into the picture. Clutches are our most requested transmission work. Although a complex job, the clutch is our specialty.

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