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Engine Repair and Maintenance

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The engine is one of the most important aspects of a vehicle. A lot of the time, when an engine has an issue, the car’s check engine light will illuminate. This is the first sign that your engine is having difficulty running at top performance. There are signs and symptoms of potential engine damage, so make sure you know them before it’s too late.

engine maintenance


The sounds your car can make will signal the health of the engine. Although some sounds are not to worry about too much, other sounds can reap a significant impact on your engine’s longevity. If there is a knocking or thumping sound, there is a chance that the rod bearings are damaged. This is the long wear on the engine when they are too loose or they are worn out. A lot of the time, it is misdiagnosed. You should receive a diagnosis when you hear a knocking because it could also be just a simple vacuum leak. Next, if there is a squealing sound, it could mean a couple of different things. The majority of the time, especially during a cold start, the vehicle will make a squealing sound. This indicates the belt that controls the fan (and other accessories). This belt is called the serpentine belt and should be replaced when the sound is present. Make sure to stay ahead of the maintenance schedule when dealing with any strange noises coming from the engine.


Clear smoke, especially during a cold start, is normal when operating a vehicle. When the smoke turns to any different color, that is a different story. If it comes out as blue, white, or black, the vehicle needs to be diagnosed. When the vehicle’s smoke is blue, this signals the engine’s oil is escaping the engine and burning with the fuel. A quick fix is to add engine oil periodically. A long-term fix involves a diagnosis for any damaged engine seals. When the smoke is white, this is a sign that antifreeze or water condensation is added in with the fuel supply. This results in the clear smoke turning into a cloudier gas. Staying on top of the coolant and antifreeze is a good short-term fix because it stops the vehicle from overheating. A lasting decision would be to let a technician look at the vehicle to diagnose the fault. Lastly, when the vehicle’s smoke is black, this could mean that the air filter is clogged. Simply put, the engine is not clearing the smoke when the engine is at operating temperature. Replacing the air filter could solve the problem; however, if the problem persists, then the air-to-fuel ratio is not in balance. This could happen because of a couple of different things- a faulty fuel pressure regulator or a leaking fuel injector. Both will need to be replaced to get the car back to normal.

Oil Puddles

Puddles of fluid under the vehicle do not necessarily mean that there is an issue with the vehicle’s engine. If the oil on the ground smells like burnt motor oil and is dark in texture, it is motor oil. Usually, there is a leak coming from one of the engine components. It could mean an oil pan, a gasket, the headers, or anything else that is loose on the engine. To take care of the issue in the short-term, it is important to add motor oil. If not, the vehicle will set on fire. This will need repairs so more oil doesn’t leak.

Using more Fuel than Normal

If the vehicle is filling up with more gas more often, it could mean that the car’s MPG is lower than normal. Several issues can be the reason for lower MPGs, including:
– A blocked or faulty injector,
– A blocked air filter,
– A fuel leak,
– A faulty air sensor, or
– A bad spark.

Although we do not replace engines for a full overhaul, we strive on performing many great services for Asian vehicles. We offer:

– Oil and oil filter changes
– Spark plugs and coil replacement
– Fuel injectors
– Check engine light diagnosis
– Ignition
– Ignition wires and cables

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