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Pre-Purchase Inspections and More

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Our technicians over at Mostly Automotive provide superior service. From specific vehicle needs to everything in between, we have you covered. Miscellaneous services provided can be an abundance of needs; but no matter what it is, it isn’t too big for us. Whatever poses a threat to your vehicle’s performance, our expertise is helping you fulfill your vehicle-related needs. Because our work is promised to have quality backing it, you can rest easy knowing that you are receiving top-notch service. Our miscellaneous services include
oil change

Vehicle Diagnosis

The infamous check engine light is nothing to look past. Although it is dreadful to see the check engine light turn on, it is your vehicle communicating its needs to you at proper timing. Sometimes, the car can have minor issues. Other times, the vehicle can run into major issues that require quick attention. That’s where a proper diagnosis comes into play. Here at Mostly Automotive, we diagnose and fix an abundance of issues about your vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency Services

Our technicians over at Mostly Automotive can inspect your vehicle to make sure that it is running at optimal condition. Next, we perform the services (with prior consent) to help it reach the quality standards. The services provided include:
– Change engine oil, using the recommended grade of motor oil
– Check and change your air filter
– Inspect and, if necessary, replace a clogged fuel filter
– Adjust tire pressure to manufacturer-recommended specs
– Inspect/clean the intake system
– Inspect/replace emissions components and/or a faulty oxygen sensor
– Inspect brakes for proper adjustment
– Inspect power steering system and perform a steering alignment, if necessary
– Align front suspension
– Clean or replace dirty or malfunctioning fuel injectors
– Inspect/replace spark plugs and spark plug wires
– Check exhaust for clogged catalytic converter
– Examine the exhaust gas recirculation system

Purchase Inspection

Purchasing a used vehicle can be a hassle filled with complex variables. Knowing the value of a vehicle is even more difficult. Here at Mostly Automotive, we do a thorough inspection of a vehicle that you plan on purchasing. We run down a list of checkpoints to ensure that every vehicle meets the criteria of buying. Our mechanics look at the car from every angle, looking at everything with a fine eye. The mechanics will scrutinize any make and model, which allows you to make an informed decision. At the end of the day, you should be confident in what you purchasing.

Pre-Trip Check-Up

When engulfing in a long trip, it is essential to know the standing of your vehicle’s health. This can be the difference between a tragic trip or a reliable one. The inspection aims at looking for possible defects in your vehicle. We also look for maintenance that the vehicle may need before the trip. The services we provide to customers that need to take their vehicles for long rides are numerous. We want to make sure that there are no issues when driving your vehicle.

Mostly Automotive Repair provides miscellaneous services for vehicles and commercial fleets in the Asheville, NC 28801 area. For the trust, excellence, and great value in automotive repairs, maintenance, and inspection in Asheville, you can count on Mostly Automotive. To learn more about the miscellaneous services that we provide, or to schedule an appointment, Mostly Automotive can be reached at 828-253-4981.

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