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Mostly Automotive is the premier source for foreign vehicle repairs. We specialize in anything about Asian vehicles. We have a diversified portfolio of a wide range of companies, including all makes and models manufactured in Japan. Our goal is to provide great general services for these vehicles. About Asian vehicles, we service all body styles- from the small sports car to commercial fleets, nothing is out of our reach. Listed below are the types of vehicles we service and repair:

Lexus and Toyota car repair

Compact Cars & Economical Vehicles

The basic principles of a car are packaged into a bargain with any compact or economical vehicle. The most important aspect of these vehicles is to get you to your destination. They are neither flashy nor fast, but they can save a lot of money in the long run because of their simplicity. They save you on gas because of their great fuel economy. They are cheaper to insure because of their simplistic nature. The parts, maintenance, and labor costs are as affordable as possible due to their straight-forward engineering. Overall, compact vehicles are meant for the driver that requires nothing more than the minimum.

Sports Cars & Roadsters

Sports cars can come with two doors or four doors while serving a specific purpose- speed. Each Japanese sports car is designed for any car enthusiast that enjoys a superior driving vehicle with some power-packed under the hood. Whether the sports car is designed to handle with ease, has a big motor, or is ready for the track, the Japanese manufacturers have made it a point to make them just as reliable as for a daily driven car.
Roadsters are for enthusiasts that enjoy a nice drive with no roof. With the top-down, vehicles can feel the speed that is packed into their valuable weekend cars. Although they can be saved for better conditions, these cars can be daily driven and still be reliable.
Ultimately, sports cars and roadsters pack in a great deal of value because of their reliability and superior performance while saving you money in the long-run.

Luxury Cars & Executive Vehicles

The luxury cars and trucks offered by Japanese automotive brands are loaded with style. They pack in some of the most superior technologies and options while still making it a point to last for a while. Lexus, Acura, Infiniti, and Genesis all make it known that the most valuable luxury vehicles are designed and imported from Japan. Although the parts are at a premium, these vehicles tend to provide more value than other luxury brands. This results in a happy customer from the time of the purchase until the next time that they upgrade vehicles.


Although they are not flashy, minivans are essential to the car market strictly because of their transportation means. Minivans can haul up to eight people at a time while packing in some economical features to save on the price tag; however, they can also add accessibility for the passengers. They are reliable and economical vehicles that generally serve the same purpose- transportation.

SUVs, Pick-Up Trucks, & Off-Road Vehicles

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are trucks that serve the performance market that needs more space than the general sports car segment. They are accessible with transportation and still a lot of fun to drive. SUVs pack in great value by adding power and handling characteristics, while providing the best value for your money.
Pick-up trucks are for the workhorses that need the utility for work. They provide a great amount of space and suit any worker’s general needs. The performance characteristics are geared towards work because of towing needs. Out of all of the bunch, the truck holds its value over the rest because of its dependability and reliability. Through thick and thin, they will not let you down.

Off-Road vehicles are designed for outdoor recreation. They are specialized vehicles that can operate in almost any terrain while staying problem-free. There are many types of variations to an off-road vehicle, but they typically have large tires and can handle anything that is in their way.

With all of these vehicles, it is essential to receive the maintenance and repairs on time because this will boost the life of the vehicle. The more you put into your vehicle’s health, the more you will get out of the vehicle. Mostly Automotive Repair provides General Maintenance services for vehicles and commercial fleets in the Asheville, NC 28801 area. For the trust, excellence, and great value in automotive repairs in Asheville, you can count on Mostly Automotive. To learn more about the types of vehicles we fix and maintain, or to schedule an appointment, Mostly Automotive can be reached at 828-253-4981.

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