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Your car’s electronics are the brain of the vehicle, often controlling big units of the car. These units include the engine, transmission, drivetrain, and other key aspects. When the vehicle is running, the brain needs to be functioning properly, or else the vehicle will not perform right. Electronics serve a purpose. Here are the areas in which a vehicle functions with its electronics:

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The Computers

In vehicles manufactured in the 21st century, a car or truck has at least one active computer controlling several (or separate) aspects of vehicle components. The computer has a main function to monitor the engine and transmission, and accordingly adjust to every day, given variables. When the computer is in use, it receives several inputs of information from different sensors. These sensors are put in place to log and keep data for possible issues. Without the sensors, the vehicle will not let the users know of an issue that arises. The computer is in place to control all aspects of a vehicle. The computer controls the spark plugs, fuel injectors, and idle speed. The computer then adjusts the vehicle accordingly for the best possible performance. If the car’s computer fails, it will affect anything it controls. To get the most out of any vehicle’s computer, have it diagnosed for updates and correct performance. If the computer is failing, take it to get replaced.

Check Engine Light & Diagnosis

The infamous check engine light is nothing to look past. Although it is dreadful to see the check engine light turn on, it is your vehicle communicating its needs to you at proper timing. Sometimes, the car can have minor issues. Other times, the vehicle can run into major issues that require quick attention. That’s where a proper diagnosis comes into play. Here at Mostly Automotive, we diagnose and fix an abundance of issues about your vehicle.


When dealing with the vehicle’s drivability, it is important to note how your car is performing. Drivability is the steadiness and smoothness that your vehicle can handle. Anything that affects the drivability of a vehicle will often be presented in a normal diagnosis. Usually, a warning light will illuminate, indicating that a vehicle is not functioning properly. We have the tools in the shop, the qualified training, the knowledge of vehicles, and the technology to fix any issues presented.

Engine Controls

The engine control unit (ECU) is the centerpiece of the engine. Without the engine control unit, the engine would not know what to do. The engine controls are composed of both software and hardware. Automotive engine control systems are responsible for the fuel economy and exhaust emissions of the vehicle. To maximize the engine’s potential and take advantage of the technology offered, it is essential to make sure that the ECU is working correctly.

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