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If your vehicle is stalling, making weird noises has temporary electrical issues, or has flickering lights, there is a possibility that the vehicle’s alternator is failing. The alternator is one of the key components in any vehicle’s electrical system, which turns the energy from the crankshaft into functional electricity to give your vehicle power while helping the battery recharge. When diagnosing any electrical or starting issues, the first thing Mostly Automotive checks is the alternator. This is because when the alternator starts to fail, all electrical components will fail thereafter. This could be dangerous because this can cause a breakdown. The six symptoms of a failing alternator are as follows:

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The Indicator Light

When the warning light is illuminated (which is standard on the majority of cars and trucks), this could be the first sign of a bad alternator. Do not ignore the light, even if there are no other showing symptoms with the vehicle. Take the vehicle straight to repair.

Headlights are Dim or Flickering

Flickering and/or dim headlights are a big sign of an alternator that is failing. When the alternator is working correctly, the lights should not be flickering, meaning that the vehicle is having a hard time circulating the energy throughout the vehicle. Flickering lights should be diagnosed and repaired.

Other Electrical Failures

When the alternator is failing, the other systems that are controlled by the alternator may start to go bad. This can include the power windows, dashboard lights, air conditioning, power locks, and even the entertainment system. Other things might be because of the failures to occur, but it is best to take it for auto repair to be diagnosed.

Strange Noises

Although “strange noises” could mean a lot of issues, it is common to have weird noises with an alternator issue. Sometimes, an alternator can fail, causing the engine bearings to fail. This creates an unusual rattle in the vehicle. The alternator could be the issue, mainly if the vehicle is experiencing other symptoms stated.

The Car has Difficulties Starting or Stalls

Whether solely relying on it or as a secondary resource, every car counts on electricity to operate. The alternator gives the power to the spark plugs that ignite the gas in the engine. When the alternator starts to fail, there will not be sufficient power in the spark plugs to keep the engine running. This can cause the engine to stall while running or it can have some trouble when starting. If this symptom is ignored, the car will not start at all.

Battery Dies

Batteries can have the potential to fail on their own; however, when an alternator is failing, this can make the battery drain. This happens when the alternator is failing to recharge the battery. If the vehicle’s being diagnosed, the alternator’s health will be assessed.

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