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An alignment is standard for a car’s maintenance. It involves modifying the angles of the wheels, so they are fixed to the producer’s specs. The purpose is to let the steering system and the suspension operate at their original specs. Over time, this reduces tire wear and prolongs the life of the tires. The alignment process is difficult and not all mechanics do a satisfactory job. The symptoms of a bad wheel alignment are as follows:

The Vehicle Steers in One Direction

An easy way to check the wheel alignment on your own is to drive on a straight road. When driving, remove your hands from the wheel (be careful when doing this around other cars), and let the vehicle guide itself. If the vehicle steers on its own to one side or another, there is an issue with the vehicle’s alignment. The more the angle, the worse the alignment. If the problem is not solved, over time, it will be more difficult to drive straight. If there is a problem with the vehicle, it is best to take it for maintenance.

Loose Steering or Shaking Steering Wheel

A loose steering wheel means that the vehicle is not calibrated. This is dangerous because it can decrease the time to respond when turning the vehicle.

Uneven Steering Wheel

When you are driving on a road that is straight and level, the wheel should remain to be perfectly centered. A simple way to look for this issue is to observe the vehicle’s emblem. If the emblem is not straight and is off by a couple of degrees, this means the vehicle will need an alignment as soon as possible. When the vehicle is aligned, the wheel will be centered, making the vehicle easier to control.

Uneven Tire Wear or Tires Squeal

If the tire tread on one tire is less than the other (for example, the front tire’s tread is less than the back tire’s tread), the wheels are most likely unaligned. A way to figure out exact specs is to measure the depth of the tread on all of the tires. A quick measuring tip for tire depth is to place a nickel inside of the tire tread. If the depth is less than half the size of the nickel, then the tires will need to be replaced. Also, if the tire makes any unusual sounds (like squealing or squeaking), the vehicle should be scheduled for an alignment. They can squeak as the vehicle turns or accelerates.

Aligned tires will lessen tire wear while ensuring that the vehicle travels in a straight line and true. A correctly aligned car will perform strongly and more effectively. If you make a fast turn or evade something quickly while driving, a wheel alignment could save your life. Your tires should be checked during routine maintenance. If you notice irregular tire wear and your car is pulling to one side, you should have a qualified automotive technician examine your car. You can trust the mechanics at Mostly Automotive Repair to fully examine your vehicle’s tires and adjust the alignment. For assurance, excellence, and great value in automotive repairs in Asheville, you can count on Mostly Automotive. To learn more about the signs of a misaligned car, or to schedule an appointment, Mostly Automotive can be reached at 828-253-4981.

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