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The heating and cooling system, also known as the air conditioning system, can stop working when you need it most. This keeps the climate in the vehicle steady while providing you with comfort and pleasure when driving. When your vehicle’s air conditioning system is not working correctly, this can be frustrating. Sometimes, it is a quick fix. Other times, the vehicle will need a diagnosis on the severity of the problem. Here are some common problems with the AC that cannot go unnoticed:

There is No Cold Air

The issue of not having cold air during the warm months can be a problem for every driver. This issue is usually caused by a refrigerant leak. The AC’s components heavily rely on refrigerant to keep the vehicle cold. Without it, the AC components will not function correctly. There can be a hole in the connection, the hoses, the condenser, or the compressor. There could even be a ruptured evaporator. The leaks are hard to identify, so it is best to take it in for repair.

Air is Not Coming Out of Vents

There can be a few reasons why there is no air coming from the ventilation system. First, there could be a bad fuse. If the ventilation fuse is blown, there will be no source of power to the motor that blows the air in the vehicle. Second, the blower motor or the resistor could be damaged. This is the system that feeds air through the vents of the car. If it is damaged, the air in your vehicle will not circulate properly. Third, there could be a blocked intake in the vehicle. This could either pertain to the air intake that recirculates the air inside of the cabin or the one that enters the car through the windshield. If either one is blocked, the air will have a hard time circulating. Fourth, the hoses and belts that operate the AC unit may be damaged. There could be a wide range of issues, so it is encouraged to bring the vehicle in for a diagnosis.

The Air Smells Like Mildew

If the vehicle’s air supply smells like mold or fungus, it means that there is bacteria growing in your vehicle’s AC system. This happens often with vehicles that don’t run the AC system that often or that are old. It is vital to fix this because the driver and passengers can get sick from the fumes.

The AC Makes Noises When it is in Use

When the car makes a noise that wasn’t making noises in the first place, it could be a sign of an AC going bad. The AC system should be quiet when it’s in use. The sounds include banging, rattling, and other sounds that are coming from when the AC is in use. Sometimes, debris and other foreign products can be in the way of the vehicles AC unit. This could be a simple fix. There are other times when the vehicle’s AC unit is failing and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. It is recommended to have a specialist diagnose the issue.

Air Goes from Hot to Cold

When the air fluctuates in temperature, there is a problem. It is possible that there is an issue with the expansion valve. This valve dispenses the right amount of refrigerant to the evaporator. When the evaporator fails, a blocked expansion valve gets in the way of the refrigerant, causing the valve to become frozen. Have a certified technician diagnose the fault and fix it.

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